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At autoTrading bank we have invested thousands of hours to obtain the best artificial intelligence algorithm to perform autotrading on all financial assets in the main international markets.

For autoTrading Bank it is essential that you know well if this type of investment is ideal for you. For this reason, we advise you to investigate the definition and implication of autotrading.

At autoTrading bank we apply machine learning so that the algorithms learn continuously and apply it to automated trading.

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What is autotrading?

Autotrading is a system for automatically trading financial assets. Today, most of the operations carried out on the exchanges are carried out with these systems. It is also known by other names such as automated trading, mechanical trading, algorithmic trading, etc. All of these terms refer to the same concept of autotrading.

How does autotrading work?

Basically, the investor establishes some rules to carry out the trading and enters them into a software. Subsequently, the computer is responsible for launching these trading to the market. This software must be linked to a broker so that these operations can be executed in the stock markets.

Tips before autotrading

Before you decide to open an account or invest with autotrading, we always recommend that you carefully analyze everything before transferring money. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the SEC’s recommendations in this article.
You should also know which system is going to be used in autotrading. It is also crucial that you have a trial period and check the operation. Study the conditions of the contract well before opening the account. And read customer reviews with real experiences. It is important to discard the opinions of sponsored and haters, they are not impartial.

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Autotrading classes

We are experts in all kinds of autotrading. Our algorithms constantly learn the movements of the financial markets to obtain the maximum possible profit.

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Autotrading on Options​

Options are a derivative product and widely used in autotrading. In stock options there is no obligation to exercise the right to buy or sell. A price and a date are established to be able to exercise this option. “Puts” are made when a downside is projected. The “calls” options are used when a raise is anticipated.

Autotrading on Stocks

Stocks represent a division of ownership of a company. The total of the shares represents the total capital of the company and entitles the shareholder to certain rights. In autotrading it is used as an asset to obtain benefits with the variations in its value.

Autotrading on Futures​

Futures markets are based on the listing of derivative contracts. Its base can be any type of asset, from raw materials, stocks or stock indices. In these auctions, the future delivery of the asset is guaranteed for a price set today. Its great volatility is highly appreciated in autotrading.

Autotrading on Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are very interesting assets. Its high volatility offers great profit opportunities in autotrading. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple represent a digital payment system that guarantees transactions without the need for government intervention. They are backed by a public record.​

Autotrading on Forex

Forex represents the market where currencies are exchanged. Large volumes of currency exchange take place in this market. Variations in the prices of these currencies offer autotrading great profit opportunities. Millions of exchanges take place.

Autotrading on Index

With the index of a market the variation of said market is represented. Its calculation reflects a weighting of the assets included in the reference market. In autotrading, all kinds of indices such as the S&P 500, the Dow Jones or the Nasdaq are used due to the enormous volatility they offer.

What Our Clients Say

Here you can read some of the opinions of our clients and why they entrust their money to autotrading bank. They know that the important thing is that our autotrading system offers the best benefits consistently over time.

At first I thought their price was too high but when I tried Autotrading Bank I found that their automated trading gives the best results even when the market goes down.

Margaret Curtis​

It is very easy to use and with excellent service, I immediately improved my results. The autotrading bank algorithm has always paid off for me.

Matthew Fox​

I used to trade with other software, switched to Autotrading Bank and improved my results by over 300% in a short time. You should do the same. Their diversification and stop loss system in automated crypto trading is one of the best on the market.

John Doe

Advantages of autotrading

To know well how Autotrading works, it is essential to delve into its main characteristics.

Autotrading minimizes emotions

When you operate in the financial market you must know how to use technical indicators, market trends, have experience, etc. If you trade sitting in front of the computer and do the trades yourself, you are under pressure to get the best result. This psychological part is probably the hardest part of trading to avoid getting into losing trades. It is extremely difficult for one to stay away from emotions. This is where autotrading does its best as it makes the best trade at all times without being carried away by those emotions.

Backtesting strengthens Autotrading

Backtesting is a fundamental point to validate the viability of an autotrading system. Before putting an algorithm into practice, it is necessary to ensure its validity and robustness. This is the first step after the strategy has been defined and trained.

Autotrading preserves discipline

Thanks to the fact that the operations carried out in autotrading are carried out automatically, even in very volatile markets, the discipline of the strategy is maintained. This virtue is not possessed in operations carried out directly by the trader. This is essential to guarantee that the established strategy is followed.

With Autotrading, response speed is improved

As financial markets become more volatile, speed of execution becomes more important. Entering a trade at the right time is not the same as entering a trade seconds later when the opportunity is gone. Here autotrading plays a key role. The algorithm acts in thousandths of a second and acts just when it is necessary to act. This quality does not have the trader manually.

Autotrading allows for greater diversification

Another of the main advantages offered by autotrading is greater access to different financial instruments and international markets. This is because the algorithm can analyze thousands of assets in milliseconds and diversify quickly and efficiently.

Autotrading maximizes passive income

Autotrading, by working autonomously, allows you to passively increase your income. You don’t have to spend hours behind a screen or spend time tracking and analyzing trades and financial assets. All this is done for you by the algorithm.

Our Expert Team in Autotrading

All the members of our team are experts directly or indirectly in the most avant-garde technologies for the development of autotrading systems.

Kevin George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director


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