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About Us​

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Our AutoTrading Story

Where We Build Your AutoTrading Profits

At autoTrading bank we have invested thousands of hours to obtain the best artificial intelligence algorithm to perform autotrading on all financial assets in the main international markets.

Before making any type of investment, remember that you must understand what this type of automatic technology entails.

At autoTrading bank we apply machine learning so that the algorithms learn continuously and apply it to automated trading.

  • Professional Specialist
  • Brilliant Ideas
  • Expert Investors
  • Latest technology

What we offer to fans of autotrading

AutoTrading Bank stands out for many aspects but the 3 most important characteristics that differentiate us from our competitors are the following:

autotrading bank - news bots

We use News Bots

To obtain the best investment result, autotrading bank uses news bots that are included in the Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

autotrading bank - safety stop loss

We always use a safety stop loss​

At AutoTrading Bank we consider safety paramount. For this reason, we always include a safety stop loss on each trade.

autotrading bank - personalized portfolio

Personalized Portfolios

At autoTrading Bank we know that each investor has a different profile. That is why we analyze your investment profile for your greater security.

Our Expert Team

All the members of our team are experts directly or indirectly in the most avant-garde technologies for the development of autotrading systems.

Kevin George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director

We provide the best autoTrading results